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Our Filipino friend Kevim Mikily Rapada has recently obtained his Ph.D. in Anthropology and his now a researcher and assistant professor. Congratulations to Renato who is a specialist in the difficult game field of anthropology.



Life of a Filipino student at SHU

It is a big change to come from the Philippines and to arrive in New Jersey on Seton Hall University campus. For some of us coming from small islands doing fishing and agriculture, this is a truly different life style and one needs to adapt to it.

But it is a great experience to study here. And a great privilege compared to many of our country people .There is a lot to learn and study. Some of us study history, philosophy or anthropology. There is also a lot of free time to play, this is one of the advantages of being a student. And as Filipino students, we really know how to play all sorts of fun games. Yes we love online gaming in particular.

One thing that is new to us as well is online games. As the Internet is not too good in the Philippines, many online games cannot really be played efficiently from there. But here in the United States we have access to ultra fast Web connectivity and we have started to play tons of great games including online poker. Pot-limit Omaha is our new game. We love backgammon too.

Learning Online Poker

To all students of online poker, a warm welcome!

If you want to learn online poker from scratch, you have found a good place to start. If you already play online poker at a major poker room such as pokerstars or full tilt poker and want to sharpen your skills, this is also a good place for you. And if you are an expert player almost at the pro level, then this could be a good place too.

The game of poker is a lot of fun but it is very hard to master it, and it requires constant learning and improvement. Even the greatest players keep on learning about poker every day. Of course you can also just play it for entertainement and this is what most people do.

Studying Online Poker

If you want to remain a casual poker player, it is fine. But it can be frustrating if you always tend to be the fish at the table. Poker is not like craps or bingo, where only luck matters. So if you lose a lot of money at roulette, this is due to bad luck not lack of intelligence.

Losing in poker may be due to bad luck as well if you have a bad session or a streak of bad luck. But losing consistently is because you do not have the skills to succeed at your current stake level, unless someone is cheating. Like any other sport, game or human activity, you will onjoy playing poker much more if you are skilled and can dominate the tables than if you are just a casual player and feel dominated by other players.

Hey you know many people lose at online poker but it does not mean that it is your destiny. The thing to understand above all is that is is very difficult to be profitable and it requires consistent hard-work. If you are fully ready for the hardship (similar to sports training), then give it a go. Otherwise you can take it as a leisure and you have to control your cost.

Be reassured, you can stop losing money today, with a short-term and a long-term step.

short-term step: play at a lower stake, even the lowest available stake if necessary; the poker games will be way easier and even if you lose, this will be tiny amounts of money.

long-term step: make a commitment to study the game of poker; take the decisive actions to become the most diligent student of poker.

These two simple rules will set you up to become a more skillful online poker player. So good luck to you poker friend, and see you at the tables. Indeed recently we have started another online game called weiqi, or go game. This is very different from poker as there is practically no luck involved in that game. This is purely strategy, and with deep thinking and forecasting what will happen a few moves later. This game comes from Asia, where it has been played for thousands of years, first in China, then in Korea and Japan. In fact that is the most popular game in the East, and you can play it online with thousands of players logged in an looking for a game all the time.

Staying fit

In addition we like to stay in shape. Some of us in the group were a bit overweight at the start of the academic year, but after using some garcinia supplements for a while, they managed to shed quite a few unwanted kilos. So now we try to all stay fit. We eat very healthy without controlling how much calories we eat every day, we are not that paranoic. In our mind what matters the most is to be aware of which food are healthy and which are unhealthy. For instance salmon is a very healthy dish with plenty of proven benefits including omega-3. On the other hand, pizza or hamburgers are not very good for your health. Coming from tropical islands we are used to eating fruit and for us processed food is still a bit alien, which helps. Next we always try to be active and hit the gym regularly.

In other words we love to have both a strong mind and a strong body. They are related. Without a solid body it is harder to focus and to study for long hours, not to mention withstand the intense exam season. But then in order to have a strong body one needs a strong mind to have the will to make the necessay sacrifices that will make this body stronger. It sounds all tough, but this is why we are a group, as we always help each other. - copyright 2013