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We love to study complicated subjects like mathematics, anthropology or genetics. But in our free time we have other things to do, such as eating, drinking and playing all sorts of games. And one of our favorite games is Backgammon.




Backgammon is a great game, and like most games nowadays you can play them online. Playing online backgammon is a great way to connect with friends all over the world. But this is only in recent history that we can do that, and for thousands of years backgammon was a game were two players had to meet face to face to play the game.

The history of backgammon

Today the best known game is backgammon, however it is just one example in the family of the numerous gaming tables. We consider the former race games, including checkers where peons are moved according to the results of a random number generator like a dice for example. A recent archaeological discovery in Iran could trace the origin of table games at 5000 years in the past. Similarly such games were played in Ancient Egypt around the same time. These table games are characterized by a particular device, a deck of 24 squares, divided symmetrically, a variable number of dice cube for different games, and checkers as frequently numbering 15 per player, sometimes less. The oldest known game meets these criteria Las they were widely practiced in ancient Rome. But their rules did not reach us, and the deck consisted of three rows of 12 squares instead of two. One of his descendants used a material completely identical to current gaming tables. The term game table comes from Latin which means the deck, but later each of its four quadrants of six boxes, and even in the plural, the pawns that circulate along the jets of the dice. Several Roman emperors were held to have been major supporters of the game of backgammon, like Nero who have played a fortune.

Already widely played in the Roman Empire, the future game of backgammon became popular in the rest of Europe and continued to move with the various invasions by Muslims and Christians. Table games are mentioned in Middle Age songs like The Song of Roland. Acclimatization of table games occurred progerssively. King Richard prohibits non-nobles to play it and lose on average more than 20 shillings per day. The King of France will also try to banish it from his Kingdom, but with little success. An English cardinal ordered to burn all the games of chance at some point.

To become modern backgammon as we know it was first added the opportunity to win a triple, then above the cube from 1920 and the rules governing its usage patterns. The progress of the gaming industry have also made possible the manufacture of dice perfectly identical, allowing the use of a pair of dice per player instead of the same for both before and this has led to simplify the rules governing the determination the beginning and end of a player's turn.

Nowadays backgammon is played by millions of players online. You can play for money if you want to or just for fun. Many top backgammon players switch to poker when they realize the similarities between the two games and that they can make a lot of money playing poker and online poker.

The reasons that we like FT are that the software is very handy and user friendly, the crowd of players is diversified from newbies to top guns and the action never stops.

Online gambling and online poker should only be played in moderation and without the influence of alcohol. If you feel that gambling is controlling your life, you may have a gambling addiction problem. If so, consult websites specialized in such issues, like Gamblers Anomymous. - copyright 2013