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We love to study complicated subjects like mathematics, anthropology or genetics. But in our free time we have better things to do, such as eating, drinking and playing poker. And when we do not play poker together, we also love to play online poker. And our favorite poker room is Full Tilt Poker.



Full Tilt Poker Review

So out of the hundreds of available online poker rooms, why would we prefer Full Tilt Poker? What is so great about Full Tilt?

To be honest, we as a group have tried quite a few of the major online poker rooms, and they are for the most part rather similar. They all provide the same type of software, where you see a table with other players, you see your hole cards and you get to play online poker. But there are nuances which make some rooms preferable to others.

Before we get started, note that you can get some incentives when you sign up at Full tilt. Use a Full Tilt Referral Code for the better deals.

Learning Online Poker at Full Tilt

Many of us learned the game of online poker at FT and this is a very good place to get started. You do not have to play for real money at all. They have so-called fun games, and play money tables, which means that you are playing with dummy money, not real money. This is excellent to learn the basic rules of poker games such as hand ranking (know how to instantly recognize that your set is beaten by a straight for example).

But play money poker is not really poker, because people do not mind losing millions in fake money, so they do not really pay attention. You have to play with real money to play real poker. So when you are ready, it is better to make a deposit and jump to real money tables. The great news is that they have tables with stakes as low as 2 cents big blinds or $2 for 100 BB. In these micro-limits you will get started without risking significant money.

One great point to mention is that Full Tilt Poker gathers dozens of some of the top poker pros in the world like Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan. So just observing them play is yet another way to learn poker.

Full Tilt Poker action

With respect to poker action, Full Tilt is a leading poker room with tons of traffic, so they have action at any stake at all time of the day (as they have players from everywhere in the world including the USA, there is 24/7 play).

So ring games, sit and go's and tournaments are always active in not just Texas Hold'em, but also Omaha High and Omaha Hi/Lo, Stud poker, Draw Poker and mixed games like H.O.R.S.E.

If you like tournaments, then the best time to play them is the weekend. They have some very large ones on Sunday where the players at the final tables may win 5 figures or even 6 figures sometimes.

Full Tilt Poker Summary

In summary Full Tilt Poker is our favorite online poker room and there is no other room that we could recommend as strongly to play online poker in The Philippines.

The reasons that we like FT are that the software is very handy and user friendly, the crowd of players is diversified from newbies to top guns and the action never stops.

Online gambling and online poker should only be played in moderation and without the influence of alcohol. If you feel that gambling is controlling your life, you may have a gambling addiction problem. If so, consult websites specialized in such issues, like Gamblers Anomymous. - copyright 2013