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We love to study complicated subjects like mathematics, anthropology or genetics. But in our free time we have other things to do, such as eating, drinking and playing all sorts of games such as backgammon. We are students from The Philippines.



The Philippines

The Philippines has long been a country known for the large numbers of its young people who left its shores in search of good livelihoods. While this brings in a lot of money in the form of remittances from workers abroad, the country as such has suffered because of the absence of its young people which has affected the fabric of society. However, this beautiful Asian country is in the midst of a renaissance of sorts thanks to the many opportunities that its youth now have within their own country.

Young people no longer have to leave the Philippines in order to earn a living and improve their lives because plenty of opportunities exist within this country itself. Interestingly, this can be attributed to the Internet revolution that has created all sorts of jobs that did not exist previously. This country has recently become the hub for call centers and other types of outsourced jobs because of a few advantages that it can offer over other countries that vie for this business. Increasing numbers of young people now prefer to stay at home because they can enjoy a good standard of living thanks to these jobs.

One of the main advantages that the Philippines has over other outsourcing hubs, India for instance, is that the people here are very familiar with the English language thank to this country's historic ties with the United States and also because of its forward thinking education system. The people here speak very good English, which makes it very easy to train them to do call center jobs. The first few companies that started call centers here have alerted the world to the potential of the Philippines and other companies have followed suit. The large numbers of educated people in this country make it the perfect place to base BPO operations of all sorts.

The Philippines is also a great place to live in thanks to the many entertainment options available to young people. The capital city, Manila, offers pleasure seekers plenty of interesting places to spend their time. There are all sorts of discos, cinemas and even jazz clubs in the city in addition to restaurants that serve delicious food. It is not surprising at all that plenty of overseas workers are actually returning home because it is a great place to live and raise a family in.

It has to be acknowledged that one of the important factors that companies considered before they set up BPO operations in the Philippines is that it is a very cheap place. The cost of living here is very low and this enables such companies to turn huge profits. It also helps young people save a lot of money even though they earn less than what they might have earned abroad. On the whole, the outlook for this country seems very positive since society benefits greatly from retaining young people instead of letting them put all their hard work into another country. The youth in the Philippines has never had it so good!

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